December 12, 2010

If You Always Do What You've Always Done, You'll Always Get What You've Always Got

[This was a post back in October. It was in Drafts. For three months. I thought I hit the publish post button]

I've heard that line before and I heard this a million times in my training and in the office..

"..but I'm used to that when I was in school. Ganun din background ng OJT ko and that's even my first work.."

Then she inserted that line so I cracked my head trying to connect everything.

Well, I forgot to tell her that 'I quite enjoyed it, too.' Quite. Because I am so hard to myself when it comes to satisfying/reaching the topmost of my hierarchy of enjoyment.


Breaking News. Literally.

1. Google Ads walked away on me. It is one of the reasons why I even started blogging. The dough.

Middle of August, it sent me a message that disrupted the normal cycle of my life - ..found something malicious going on in.. - I laughed at the word 'malicious.' Well, Google Ads Admin, happy now?

2. My work/life schedule is too tight. When it comes to work-life balance, I'm the last person you want to talk to. Before, I thought I could organize things smoothly but man I'm completely wrong.


For the past few months..

Monday to Friday/Saturday Morning: I go to work. When I arrive home, I just hit the sack w/ or w/o eating. I wake up 3 hours before work and the cycle repeats.

I cannot open social websites unrelated to work in the office. Which makes 'Google' the only legit site. One colleague from the other department even shared that he was just haplessly reading local news blogs and minutes after, he found his manager standing behind his back. The IT Department can track everything. EVERYTHING.

Weekends are mostly spent with my cousins. I go to their place to swim or eat fast food. Sunday night - I'm on my bed preparing for sleep. Yes, the cycle always never fail to repeat.

This October, I'll be changing my weekday schedule as my cousins went back to Indonesia because their school fee will be handled by their father's company. Things are happening so fast. Last June, I was ending a quickie career and welcoming my cousins. Now, they're back to their original house and I'm close to getting to 3 months with my HR work.

Ergo, there is nothing interesting happening in my life. If tuning to FM radio on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday morning just to get sleep is interesting then yeah, very enjoying.

July 11, 2010

Pucca Leads Ninja Turtles 1-0

Darrel, (10y/o) my youngest cousin, switching cartoon channels.

Darrel: What do you like..this(Pucca) or...this(Ninja Turtles).
Intelligent Cousin: What!?!? You're watching Pucca? That's for girls!
Darrel:'re just building stereotypes.
Intelligent Cousin: *stunned* (out of sneakiness, I checked if he really know what he is saying) Uhm..what's stereotypes?
Darrel: My don't know what stereotype means?
Intelligent Cousin: NO! I know! I learned that in..2nd grade!!! FYI, I build stereotypes everyday!

We ended watching Pucca. And it was more action packed than Transformers and GI Joe combined.


The morning of my last day at Pinoy Big Brother, David, Darrel and their parents (my uncle and aunt), arrived here in Phil.

My two cousins slash 3D buddies will be staying here and will be studying at Reedley. Because entering high school in their Indonesia school would cost 1 year salary of the CEO of Ayala Land. Rough estimate.

Cousin: Where's Krakow?
David: When in doubt, Google it. Or Wiki...

Cousin: Where do you want to watch, Eastwood or Gateway?
David: I don't want to go to Eastwood. I'll be staying there for the rest of my life.
Cousin: I'm not.
David: Let's just watch at Gateway.
Cousin: I am married to Gateway since its birth. ...and for the rest of my life.

Just In Time! If It Was Yesterday Yesterday

"..when there's something you really want, fight for it, don't give up no matter how hopeless it seems. And when you've lost hope, ask yourself if 10 years from now, you're gonna wish you gave it just one more shot. because the best things in life, they don't come free."
Last week, I bumped into my old private journal and had a field day on re-reading my shits. I think I heard this quote last 2007 from one of the DJs in mellow so I instantly typed it to unconsciously remind myself of the choices that I'll make once I enter June of 2010.

And I'm retyping it now. I'm super scared.

For proper citation, this quote was from Grey's Anatomy/Dawsons Creek, yeah?
Yeah says Google.

Endings Are Always Sad

Especially if the one you're rooting for didn't win.
Ryan Bang placed second and James Reid..Big Winner.

[Because this is the only proof that I'm not lying. And that I really have mad paint skillz. lol There's 350,649 'Christopher' in Phil. Ata.]

On my last shift (June 26 - Saturday - 7am), I arrived at the Main Control Room right on time but was surprised to see Ate Abi being the only soul inside the room. She was sleeping so I waited for her to wake up...
'Ate Abi, may pasok pa ba ngayon o sa Big Night na lang mamaya? Bakit tayo lang nandito? Haha'

...'Ate Abi, kelangan pa ba magbasa ng summary?'
I am so dependent to others even in my last shift. Hate it.

Savor it. I flipped through the summary book and read what happened for the past 2 days because I came from an off. I even found the full text of Big Brother's message to the remaining 6 housemates and it was only then that I realized that..I'm jobless starting June 27. lol That white paper which was pasted in the summary book was actually an introduction to the career that I'll/we'll be facing after our stint with PBB. It was a reminder of the lessons that we've learned, an instruction to dream big, ...I can't remember the other stuff. Memory gap paksyet!

3 months. It wasn't quick but it wasn't dragging either. The whole experience really felt like a platform for training/preparation..for a battle..something Hunger Games-ish.

The Batch/Edition. I met the funniest people inside MCR. Specifically in our batch - the new co-pilots and loggers for the Teen Clash Edition. Anyone can crack you up anytime of the day, I swear!

From Jaja A's My Post-MCR life: [Jaja is witty. Was absorbed by another show even before PBB Tenn Clash ended]

1. Pagpasok ko ng bahay, sinu-surrender ko ang cellphone ko sa nanay ko. tutunganga lang siya sakin, sabay tanong, "Anong gagawin ko dito?" Ako naman, nag-aantay ng number ko.

2. Tuwing umiiyak yung pamangkin kong 8-month old, parang naririnig kong sumisigaw si kuya alvin, "ZOOM IN, DOS! ZOOM IN DOS! TWO SHOT KWATRO, SAMA MO SI YAYA!"

5. Tinanong ako ng friend ko one time, "asan ang lolo mo?" bigla kong sinagot, "si lolo? asa taas po ata ..." Lolo is our director who has his own office at the 2nd floor.

6. Minsan sa starbucks, nag-open up yung tropa ko tungkol sa problema nila ng nanay niya. humingi pa sakin ng advice. sabi ko, "sige bukas, ipapatawag ko si Doc Randy."

7. Habang lahat ng tao eh nagninilay-nilay at nagdadasal ng 3 o' clock prayer, sumisigaw ako ng "CHANGE TAPE PO!"
Haha. Tape change happens every 3rd hour..inside MCR. And you'll hear one person shouting "Change tape!/Tape change!"

9. Sa FX, tuwing pinapatugtog sa radyo yung kantang "AHAAAAA! AHAAAAA! AHAAAAAA!" ng Michael Learns to Rock, nalulungkot ako bigla, napapaluha at hina-hug ko yung katabi ko ... bumubulong pa ko ng "... kita tayo sa labas ..."

11. Pag may nawawala akong gamit, at di ko talaga makita, napapasigaw ako ng "KUYA, paki-pan left naman nung SIYETE! may hinahanap lang po ako ..."

12. Similarly, pag may nagtsitsimisan at gusto kong maki-usyoso, napapabulong ako, "Kuya audio, paki-up naman po ng lapel ni Shon

13. Pag di ko talaga marinig, napapalapit ako sa nearest usisero sabay hirit na, "Anong usapan diyan?"

14. Nung minsang gusto kong magpaluto ng espesyal na pansit, tinawag ko yung katulong namin, "LORNALYN, kunin mo yung sulat sa baul at dumiretso ka ng storage room. wag mong sasabihin ito sa iyong mga kasama, ay, kay mama pala ..." Kahit wala naman kaming storage room.

15. At nung minsang yung katulong namin e nagluluto nang walang pahintulot, nasita ko siya, "SINONG S.E. MO?"

16. Habang nagta-type, takang-taka ako bakit hindi lumalabas yung timecode tuwing nagko-control M ako. nag-i-indent lang. bakit ganon?
sabay sigaw ng "SYSTEMS!!!!"

Haaay, first job, I love you more than you know. :)

June 22, 2010

You Want Something Eventful, Eh?

Missing: Toby. :(

My favorite picture of you.
(Even if you look like a girl here, we all know that you're one buff dude!)
Because this 'look' only happens once every blue moon. You get so dirrrty easily. Day after your grooming shiz, you already look like a dust bunny.

Like madungis na amo, like madungis na aso. Why amo with fake unparallel blue eyes?

June 13, 2010 / Sunday / 7:30am - Exactly his 1 yr and 4 mo

Mother woke me up and asked 'What time pasok mo?'
'*grunts* ??? 4:30 pa. Bakit?' [My schedule is usually written on our whiteboard so I was a bit annoyed with the question. And was like 'What was that for?']

'Nawawala si Toby.' Oh, it was just her preamble.

I processed the thought and then I tried going back to sleep. After 10 minutes..nah, can't go back to sleep anymore. So I pushed myself out of the bed & went outside. My mother was talking to one of our neighbors while I was looking at the cars passing by figuring out how many hours was my sleep 'Hmmm..6 hours.'


The night before, I came home from a High School Buddy's treat and merrily gorged with diabetes. I was home a bit early though, around 11:30. PM. My mother asked me to walk Toby outside since my father won't be back until Sunday afternoon.

Diabetic Son: Eh? Gabi na..
Mother: Hindi pa 'yan nakalabas. Ilakad mo na, gamitin mo yung bagong tali.

So I look for Toby's new leash. Adjusted it because the neck and leg hole were too small for him. While I was in the middle of measuring his tiny dog size, he was being funny as he kept on raising his right hand/front right leg as if inserting it in an invisible leash.

It was just us in the hushed street. After some few human steps/several puppy steps, I was already playing tug of war with him because he wanted to walk farther. He was even crying, not barking. I think he knows that it should be snooze time already so he just did the soft dog whining...

'Toby! Sssshhh!"

Toby finally stopped. And just made the most out of our literally dark situation - sniffing the sidewalk while I was watching him.

And..that was it.


It has been 9 days.

On the onset, my parents were transparently affected and have gone slightly emo about the whole situation; My brother ordered pizza and went to Gateway while I, with an M.A. in Putting On A Poker Face, sat in front of the television, watched Eagle Eye (& actually enjoyed it) and ate 3 slices of pizza. Or 5. Don't tell brother!

My mother went to the Town Hall (slash diyan sa barangay lol) while my father already informed our neighbors that he'll be giving 4k as a reward to whoever can bring Toby back. I'd say, make it 5k. We all want Toby safe and sound here and we're really worried on how he is being treated/fed. Do they even know what his specific dog food is? That he can 'sit?' That he likes to be scratched on his tummy? That whatever time of the day is (even if it is 3am), if he sense our familiar footsteps going inside the house, he would put much effort to wake up, drag himself to us with a little wobbly walking and lick us/act cute while wiggling his super short tail?

He is just so selfless. Unlike a lot of humans. And he is still due with one or two more appointment/s with the Animal Care Clinic so he really need to go home.

Looking in to this whole scenario, I also realized that I've been already stripped off of much emotionsssss before this Toby incident. Insert the familiar 'I've gone through a lot' line. So this may sound harsh but losing Toby should be a walk in the park. I mean, I absolutely love Toby = A HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT. But I should deal with the reality and that reality is 'he is gone.' If he comes back, I'd be so much happy. But for now, I should continue with my now more boring life. I really really really miss him though.

That PUPPEH NOSE! I wanna scratch ittt!

He is not a huge fan of hugs but I don't care. [see photo] I'll hug him anytime of the day, even if he is eating or sleeping. Because 1. He's very much cuddly 2. It is so relaxing and 3. It's INSTANTLY FREE! If I want a hug, Toby would run but 4 Toby steps = 1 or 2 Me steps..lose-lose situation for him!

Hmm..this is it? This would probably my last Toby Blog Entry and it took me days to finish this.

So Toby..hmmm..wherever you are..we all wish that you are healthy and we want you to know that we miss you bigtime. I also hope to see and hug you soon!

I'm Not Sure With That Bet Anymore

A lot got a little too complacent.

And I'm becoming a..Psychology. Hate it.

*Non Verbal Communication books surprisingly smassshingly land on the keyboard!!!*

June 11, 2010

Cum Graveyard Shift

Mrs. Story Editor was monitoring the confession room while I was switching screens between the girls and the boys bedroom.

Out of thin air, Mrs. Story Editor maybe saw me laughing so she nudged me..

Mrs. Story Ed: Anong pinag-uusapan sa boys bedroom?
Surprised Cop: Ay, uhmmm..ano po...
Mrs. Story Ed: ...
Surprised Cop: Yung ano po...yung boys po..
Mrs. Story Ed: ...
Surprised Cop: ..talking about boys stuff.
Mrs. Story Ed: Ano nga yun?
Surprised Cop: Cum po.

At the boys' bedroom, James and Bret were fooling Ryan with the word 'cum' since Ryan doesn't know the real meaning of it. Ryan's comprehension of 'cum' was 'come' and he was saying stuff like 'I'm telling Ivan to cum/come here then..' He was clueless. Bigtime.

Sometimes, it should really come with a bunch of explanation.